Ichiju-Sansai Tokyo 
Popup Dinner
ポップアップ ディナー


Ichiju-Sansai Tokyo is a popup dinner series inspired by the ancient Japanese meal framework of "one soup, three dishes", held in different spaces around Tokyo.

The menu is five courses (one soup, three dishes, dessert) of Japanese flavours, served with matched sake, eaten long-table banquet style. Dishes are seasonally themed to the 72 microseasons of the old Japanese calendar, which was divided based on cues from nature. 

All ingredients and tableware are Japan-sourced. Produce comes from the UNU Farmers Markets and Food & Company. Plates by Wasara. Food is prepared by Australian food writer and cook Jessica Thompson. Soundtrack by local DJs.

Edition 2: Hakuro - 16th September
Edition 1: Taisho - 23rd July